Trees make paper. Paper makes a tree.

It’s the last Friday in April which means today is Arbor Day, a special day to celebrate trees. In the spirit of Arbor Day, here’s a fun tree craft made from recycled and recyclable tree products you probably have around the house. What better way to teach your little ones about the importance of trees and recycling than with a little project like this?!

Supplies needed: toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll), scissors, hole puncher, green and red scrap paper, and a glue stick.

arbor craft supplies

Step 1: Cut a tree top shape out of your green scrap paper.


Step 2: Use the rest of your green scrap paper to make leaves. I like to tear into little pieces but you can use your scissors to make more precise leaf shapes if you want.


Step 3: Grab your glue stick and add your leaf texture.


Step 4: Use your red scrap paper and a hole puncher to make some fruit for your tree. Apples or cherries…your call.


Step 5: Grab your glue stick again and dot your tree with some yummy fruit. arbor.craft_6

Step 6: Take your toilet paper roll and cut a one inch slit down each side (on opposite ends of the same circle). arbor.craft_7

Step 7: Slide in your tree topper and you have a cute little tree made with paper and cardboard (that came from a tree)!

arbor.craft_8 You can use it as a centerpiece on your Arbor Day table or bring it outside to play. arbor.craft_9