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(PHOENIX, AZ) – Inspired by their 2-year-old daughter’s love of stickers and penchant for playing with old boxes rather than the many store bought toys, Phoenix residents Janette and Greg Harwell had an “aha” moment that lead to the creation of Box Play for Kids.  Janette, a long-time graphic and package designer, started designing stickers that when applied to throwaway household boxes turns them into fun toys encouraging imaginative play and learning in children.

“Kids have such great imaginations,” said Janette Harwell, founder of Box Play for Kids. “With our stickers, we see children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm come out as they play.”

Box Play for Kids gives kids 36 designer stickers to choose from for repurposing the following boxes into toys.

  • Cereal Box Stickers: “ABC Eye Chart,” “Bento Box”,“Record Player” and “Red Barn.”  Retail: $5 each.
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese Box Stickers: “Camera,” “Tractor,” and “Clutch Purse.”  Retail: $5 each.
  • Shoe Box Stickers: “Turtle” and “Refrigerator.”  Retail: $7 each
  • Tissue Box Stickers: “Whale” and “Lucky Kitty.”  Retail: $5 each.
  • Egg Carton Stickers: “Piano,” “Paint Palette” (available in English, Spanish and French) “Caterpillar” and “Car Garage” and “Zookeeper.”  Retail: $5 each.
  • Milk Carton Stickers: “Fire Truck,” “Piggy,” “Cow,” “School Bus,” “Blue Train” and “Pink House.”  Retail: $7 each.
  • Paper Towel Tube Stickers “Puppy Dog,” “Giraffe,” “Baseball Bat” and “Horn.”  Retail: $5 each. “Bowling Pins” (set of 3). Retail $7
  • Toilet Paper Tube Stickers: “Rocket Ship,” “Shark,” “Octopus,” “Football,” “Pink Superstar Bracelets,” “Green Superstar Bracelets,”  “Pink Camo Binoculors” (pair) and “Green Camo Binoculors” (pair).  Retail: $3 each.
  • Collections: Asian Collection (“Bento Box” and “Lucky Kitty”), $9; Buildings, $7; Animal Collection (“Cow”, “Caterpillar” and “Puppy Dog”), $14; Transport Collection (“Fire Truck,” “Tractor,” and “Rocket Ship”), $12; and Sea Life Collection (“Turtle,” “Shark,” and “Whale”), $12
  • Party Packs (sets of 10): “Rocket Ship,” and “Shark.” Retail: $20. “Camera,” “Piano” and “Paint Palette.” Retail: $35 “ Fire Truck” Retail $45.
  • Seasonal Stickers: Downloadable themed sticker each season.  Free.

Eco-conscious and naturally detailed about design, the Harwell’s print Box Play for Kids stickers with 100% recycled uncoated paper with the intention of allowing little ones to add their own personal flair.

Box Play for Kids is a privately owned company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  The company’s one-of-a-kind, patent pending product line is proudly made in the USA and is available on as well as in select kid’s boutiques, museums, toy stores, grocery stores and online retailers.  Stickers retail for $3 and $7 for individual stickers, $7-14 for themed collections and $20-45 for party packs.  Founder Janette Harwell is a professional graphic designer and art director.  When she is not busy working on breakthrough campaigns and award-winning identities and package design for her clients at Stir Design and Advertising (, she’s “playing” with Box Play for Kids.