Favorite Books for August

Now that we’re back in school mode, we’ve picked out books focused on writing, ABCs, healthy lunches and friendship. Here are a few of our new favorites for August.

BPFK_August Books 2013

The Obstinate Pen
This gem will have your kiddo cracking up. The entire family loves this one. Great illustrations and a sense of humor.
This is what Uncle Flood wants to write with his new pen: “The following story is all true.
But the pen does not write that sentence. Instead it writes: “You have a big nose!
Who knows what to do with a pen that has a will of its own? Not Uncle Flood. Not Officer Wonkle.
But young Horace has an idea…

This classic has been a favorite for a long time in our house. But we thought it would be a great way to kick off the new Pre-K school year.

Fast Food
I wish I came up with this idea for a book. The food art is so fun and inspiring. Your little one will learn about different modes of transportation while being introduced to fruits and veggies such as plantains, kumquat, snap peas, ginger, rhubarb leaf, Chinese eggplant and more!

I Broke My Trunk
I love to read this one very, very enthusiastically (okay, almost obnoxiously). Gerald tells Piggie the long, crazy story about breaking his trunk. Again, great illustrations and I love the use of talk bubbles throughout the book.