Outdoor Yoga For Little Ones

One of my favorite things to do is practice yoga. It’s calming, grounding and overall makes me a more patient, grateful and happy person. Not to mention, it’s a great workout. I love sharing this lovely experience with my daughter.

Lululemon offers free yoga on the lawn at Biltmore Fashion Park on Sundays. My little 4-year old pal and I enjoyed the morning together. The weather is absolutely beautiful in Phoenix this time of year. Here are a few great poses for kids. At this age, perfect form is not always possible. Just have them follow along and be sure to have fun. And breathe.

Benefits of yoga for kids:
1. Develops their creativity and imagination (We love that!)
2. Promotes balance and flexibility
3. Helps with awareness of their bodies and breath
4. Allows them to be calm
5. Improves concentration
6. Builds confidence

childs pose
Child‘s Pose Benefits:
Calming. Stretches hips, thighs and ankles.

cat and cow
Cat & Cow Benefits: Stretches the back torso and neck. Gently massages the spine and belly
Good counter pose to cat is Cow: Stretches the front torso and neck.


Ragdoll (forward standing bend) Benefits : Calming. Stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips.

downward dog

Downward Facing Dog Benefits: Calming and energizing. Strengthen arms and legs. Stretches upper and lower body.

Cobra Benefits: Heart opener and energizer. Strengthens the spine, stretches chest, shoulders and stomach.


Butterfly Benefits: Hip opener.

Frog Benefits: Stretches hamstring and tones legs.

Savasana Benefits: Relaxes the body, deepens the breath and calms the brain.

Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. (Peace. Peace. Peace.) Namaste.