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Stir Up Some Crafty Fun

We’re stirring things up at our house by making our very own snazzy swizzle sticks. If you are anything like me, you’re guilty of a few too many trips to the local coffee shop and you always seem to have extra wooden stir sticks in the kitchen drawer. Here’s a simple craft you can do with your kids to repurpose those plain wooden sticks into sweet summer stirrers.

BPFK stir stick supplies

Just grab some construction paper, scissors, glue, a hole puncher, and any miscellaneous craft supplies from around the house and you’ll be spicing up stir sticks (not to mention your favorite summer refreshment) in no time. Our little one decided she wanted a ladybug (of course) and I decided I wanted a tropical pineapple.


Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ or just relaxing by the pool, these sassy swizzlers are sure to bring smiles to any occasion (and boy do they make this yummy lemonade taste even sweeter).

Safari Party: Time to Get WILD!!!

If you have little ones you will undoubtedly be planning a themed birthday party in the near future (and probably for years to come). Tempting as it may be to swing by the party store and pick up an all-in-one princess party pack, ditching the cheesy plastic tablecloth to create your own theme doesn’t have to be intimidating. With just some recycled cardboard, a handful of Box Play for Kids stickers, and some cute kick-knacks we threw together our very own African Safari Party. So take a walk on the wild side and don’t be afraid to plan your own adventure!

BPFK Giraffe Jeep Outside_Final

We skipped the balloon on the mailbox and opted for a more unique theme teaser for the outside. I came across this handmade, hand painted, wooden jeep and couldn’t resist. And what’s a safari without animals? Paper towel rolls and our very own giraffe stickers add some wildlife to the party.

BPFK Safari Wide Hero_2

Throw together a map, a lantern, binoculars, a few more giraffe stickers and voilà – an air-conditioned African safari. If you haven’t noticed, toilet paper rolls make fantastic binoculars. Our camo stickers and some rubber bands are a great way to transform trash into interactive party favors. 

crafting station 1

Let your little explorers make their own binoculars as a party activity. Less prep work for you…more fun for them.

placing stickers

Peel. Stick. Romp. 

C with green camo

Send the kiddos on a sightseeing adventure around the around the house (while the parents relax). Chloe has the right idea hiding under the burlap table skirt we made. Very serious safari fun.

napkin rings with forkSmall party details can go a long way. We repurposed paper towel rolls using animal print duct tape to create DIY napkin rings. So simple and wildly cute! 

cake cutting 1

Instead of grabbing a pre-made cake off the shelf, you can easily and inexpensively create a beautiful custom cake with an edible image. We found this antique compass image to go along with our safari theme. It was painful to make the first cut because the cake was so gorgeous.

elephants on cake camo 2Not even the elephants could resist this yummy cake! Kids will be kids. Fortunately these little creatures were clean! Round wicker floor pillows made for perfect kid seats and created the atmosphere of being on a safari.

animal party favors_pink

The safari party doesn’t have to stop at your house. Send each little explorer home with his or her own BPFK binoculars and some new animal friends – perfect party favors. After this party, mama is planning a real safari adventure for 2015!


Our Lovely Lucy’s Origami Portrait

Last September we decided to get a rescue puppy. My husband did his research and found out that Labs and Beagles were on The (Top 10) Most Popular Family-Friendly Dogs list. That same morning, he found a Lab/Beagle mix online. It was fate (I guess). Our then 3-year old daughter kept changing her mind on the name and the poor pup went through three name changes – Calexico, Annie and then finally Lucy. We have three dog tags to prove it! It’s been touch and go with Lucy over the last nine months but I think she finally understands that she is NOT THE BOSS of our little human.

To keep boredom at bay this hot, muggy weekend, we worked on a quick origami craft project inspired by a cute photo of Lucy. We found a basic tutorial for an “origamI dog face” here. And then we cut and glued colored construction paper to define Lucy’s adorable features – white spots, floppy ears, floppy pink tongue, sweet eyes and a big smile.

BPFK Origami Lucy


Summer Adventure on the Yucatán Peninsula

We just returned from a fun trip with our little one in tow. We were accompanied by dear friends, two of whom celebrated their 10-year anniversary by renewing their vows on the beach. The nice thing about this vacation was there were five other little girls for Chloe to play with. They kept each other entertained which meant there was very little whining—and that equaled more fun and relaxation for mom and dad! We brought along little Sharky for a simple DIY craft project after a day of fun in the sun. The stickers are great for traveling because they’re flat and take up virtually no room. And you’re guaranteed toilet paper rolls anywhere you go in the world, right? Just peel, stick and romp. ¡Viva Mexico!BPFK_Shark_Tulum_1



The Cure for Rainy Day Blues

We just discovered this super cool digital lifestyle magazine, Mini – For The Modern Parent. Thank you for featuring our Piano, Turtle and Octopus kids stickers in your Spring 2013 “Style Spot” section. Rainy Day Blues? “Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be a drag. These rainy day activities will perk you up in no time. Just remember – April showers do bring May flowers.” You can view their current issue as well as archived issues here.

Spring Mini Magazine 2013


We Turned a Cardboard Box into “The Greatest Show on Earth Day”

Our friends over at threadUP, an online consignment store offering super cute, high-qulaity kids clothing, challenged us, along with some of their other favorite DIY and Green bloggers, to create our best craft using recycling their polka dot threadUP box. Each day this week, they have been featuring one DIY box craft.

Tomorrow Friday, April 26th, you can vote for our super cute your favorite craft. Not only will your vote help us at a chance to win a $200 gift card AND an exclusive threadUP discount to share with our readers, BUT ALSO threadUP will be giving away (2) $25 threadUP gift cards to two random voters!

So here’s what we came up with…a cardboard box turned into a puppet show. We even found a way to recycle our pink refrigerator sticker set to make the curtains!

threadUP box challenge

Want to make this at home? Get our step-by-step instructions and learn more about challenge on threadUP’s blog. And be sure to follow us on Facebook for details on how to vote.