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Pipsqueak Paparazzi Camera Strap

Snap! Snap! Grab your camera (or better yet – grab a mac n’ cheese box and our eco-friendly, Box Play For Kids camera sticker). This Sunday, June 29th, is National Camera Day. Yes, it’s a thing…AND what better excuse to get crafty with your pipsqueak paparazzi this weekend? This easy-peasy-mac n’ cheesy camera-strap project is sure to inspire creativity indoors and all around town.

What you’ll need: The basics include an empty mac n’ cheese box, our BPFK camera sticker, and a pair of scissors. Then you’ll need to do a little rummaging around your house for ribbons, belts, shoelaces, old tees, old tights, old ties, etc. Use your imagination and dig around for anything that you could possibly cut up or braid together to make a camera strap. You might also want rubber bands or elastic hair ties (optional).

Step 1: Carefully apply our specially-sized camera sticker to your average mac n’ cheese box. Our crack-and-peel backing makes it easy to line the sticker up just right.

2.peeling.sticker Step 2: Take a few of your rummaged strings and straps and tie them together at one end but leave some excess sting/chord/tie/shoelace/whatever so you can easily attach to the camera at the end. I’m using an old wrinkled tie, a pair of shoelaces (that I knotted together), and a recycled gift ribbon. Then braid everything together.



Step 4: Use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully poke a hole towards the top of each side flap. Tie a knot with a rubber band or hair elastic and string through the hole to create a loop for your strap. You could also skip the rubber band and thread your strap directly into the box. Tape the flaps closed.

Step 5: Attach the finished strap to your elastic loops or thread directly into the cardboard flaps. Then hand over the camera to your little pipsqueak paparazzi and get snapping.


Here’s another variation with ribbons and some recycled, kiddie dance tights.


Happy National Camera Day from BPFK!


Box Play for Kids Nordstom Event

Today was Super Saturday at Nordstrom Scottsdale Fashion Square and we were thrilled to be invited to craft with the kids. We repurposed empty toilet paper rolls into Sharks, Octopuses and Footballs with our ecofriendly recycling craft stickers. They make the perfect stocking stuffers and are light-weight, battery-free, noise-free travel toys – a creative and inexpensive way to engage and occupy the kids during the holidays! Now that’s JOY!Box Play Nordstrom Event 2013Seven Box Play for Kids sticker styles available at select Nordstrom stores.

Nordstrom Event 2013 Kids 1Activity stickers with interactive and learning components.

BPFK Nordstrom 4Sweet mom and son duo!

Nordstrom Event 2013 Kids 2Cute brothers!

BPFK Nordstrom 5The kids also colored elves and participated in a scavenger hunt.

BPFK Nordstrom 6My little loyal helper by my side :-)

Thanks, Michelle, for inviting us to host an event at Nordstrom! We had so much fun.


Teachers Rule!

If you have kiddos, you know the school year is winding down. What better way to show your appreciation for your favorite teacher than with a sweet DIY gift. This cute ruler vase only set us back about $10, took less than an hour to make, and should last forever on your teacher’s desk (unlike real flowers)! Here’s how we did it:

Supplies: 12 wooden rulers, craft glue, silk flowers, floral foam, and any kind of square base equal in width to that of three rulers. {Hint: Check your local dollar store. We found the rulers in packs of 4 for $1 and scored a square, mesh, pencil holder exactly the width of three rulers – also $1}.



Step 1: Glue three rulers together to make a wall. Repete to make four walls. {Hint: If you have some scrap card stock laying around, use it to reinforce the walls}.




Step 2: Start gluing each wall around the sides of your square base. We turned the pencil holder upside down so the rulers could sit on along the lip. {Hint: Use hot glue if you’re the impatient type}.



Step 3: Before you finish putting the walls up, stack and glue floral foam to your base. teacher.craft_5

Step 4: Finishing gluing the remaining ruler walls to your base. As soon as the glue dries, you’re ready to pop the flowers in the foam and voilà – a ruler vase for your teacher!


Step 5: Don’t forget to personalize your vase with a little note. Teachers Rule!