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Halloween Milk Ghost

Boo! It’s scary how fast you and the kids can recycle milk cartons into fun Halloween
decorations. These milk ghosts are dimensional and seem to float in the air. I like to
hang them in groups of 3 or 5.

What You Need (and probably already have)

BPFK_DIY Milk Ghost Supplies
1. Milk cartons (empty, rinsed and dried)
2. Sand paper (any grade)
3. Utility knife
4. Regular scissor
5. White paint
6. Black marker
7. Fishing string

6 Simple Steps – Done in less than 60 minutes

Sanding Milk Carton
1. Sand the milk cartons to remove the wax. The rough texture adds to the fabric look.


DIY Milk Carton Ghost Cutting
2. Cut off the bottom of the carton. This gives them a hollow, dimensional look.
ALWAYS cut away from your hands. PARENTS, you should do the cutting because the
carton’s bottom is pretty thick.


DIY Milk Carton Ghost Draw and Cut Curves DIY Milk Carton Ghost Draw and Cut Curves
3. Create a wavy pattern across the bottom to give the illusion of moving fabric. I find it
easier to cut the carton sides with a pair of scissors than a utility knife.

4. Paint. What a great way to use up any extra white paint you have. I used old primer.
Spray paint works too. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I like drips and blotchy spots.


BPFK DIY Mik Carton Ghost Draw faces
5. Draw and color in the face with black marker.string
6. Add the fish line for hanging.

Tip: Putting the string through the existing spout allows the cartoon to hang at an angle,
giving the appearance of flying. Also, the cartoon catches more wind this way – like a

BPFK Milk Ghosts in Tree

And BOO…you’re done!

Football Season. Stick On. Kickoff!

It’s that time of year again when my husband goes into high gear football mode. I still don’t get it but what’s a girl to do? I say…if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! We put together a sporty tailgate party fit for a team of fun-loving kiddos (and their parents).

BPFK Football Tailgate Wide PlayFirst, what’s a tailgate party without a tailgate? We created a DIY pennant using felt and twine. We threw in a cooler full of ice water, fresh fruit for healthy snacking…

BPFK Bucket of Footballsand a bucket of DIY footballs made with empty toilet paper rolls and our very own Football stickers. We stuffed them with gold football t-shirts. The combo makes the perfect party favor and party activity.

BPFK Boy Football_2013Here’s our adorable 2 1/2 year old athlete in training wearing his new t-shirt.

Applying stickerWe created a crafting station to keep the kids (big and small) entertained.

Footballs blankets penant

And had perfect weather for Sunday Funday. GO TEAM!!!


Bravo Children at Children’s Museum of Phoenix

We partnered with our friends at Bravo Children, a Spanish immersion program for babies, toddlers and young school-age children, for their latest workshop held at Children’s Museum of Phoenix. The class theme was all about recycling so it was a perfect fit for our DIY craft kids stickers. The class was taught and conducted in Spanish – an immersion environment is the best way to rapidly and naturally become fluent in a new language. Playful, creative activities help children make meaningful and lasting connections to words. We sang color and number songs, pretended to fly like airplanes to Mexico and played with the interactive toys made with our school bus, horn, camera, piano and record player stickers. At the end of the class all the kids made bracelets by upcycling empty toilet paper rolls with our pink and green superstar bracelet stickers. It was such a treat to be a part of a fun, learning activity for kids. Bravo!BPFK_Bravo_Children_web


Sandy Salvaging

Taking a last beach vacation with the kids before summer is over? At Box Play for Kids we’re all about reusing and recycling so here’s a handy sandy salvaging idea for some inexpensive fun in the sun. Make a sandcastle using recycled plastic food containers.


Instead of buying new buckets and shovels, just save (and rinse) your yogurt cups and plastic food packaging in the days leading up to your trip. All the cups and lids shown above fit into the largest container for compact storage. We even brought along some of our favorite Box Play for Kids travel companions. Our octopus and shark stickers make for perfect beach toys.

IMG_3776 Ok…so maybe our sandcastle looks more like a sand village, but we still had fun.


And Ollie the octopus is feeling right at home.

My favorite part of this sandy project: easy clean up. No need to rinse out sandy buckets and lug them home. Just find a recycle bin on the beach as you’re leaving and you’ll have one less thing to pack in your suitcase.

Back-to-School with California Baby

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Stick on. Blast off!

California Baby, one of our favorite personal care brands for kids, is partnering with us again for another promotion. This time it’s for Back-To-School featuring fun, simple recycling crafts for kids. Our eco-friendly, DIY craft stickers (Rocket Ship, Giraffe and Whale) will repurpose their amazing Bubble Bath and Powder packaging into fun new toys. Check out the Fun Reuse section of their site for more ways to recycle their containers.




If you’ve been keeping up with our Box Play for Kids blog, you know we love DIY parties. Having little ones means birthday party season is every season and we’re on a mission to show moms and dads some simple party ideas. So how about a construction party for your little builder? We set the scene with measuring tape, bright orange safety vests and a table full of Box Play for Kids construction-themed stickers. Let the kids make the table toppers with our buildings stickers and a few recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Another tip: your favors can double as party decorations. We found appropriately colored orange clipboards to give away with some carpenter pencils and our tractor stickers. A “THANKS” belly band resembling on-site CAUTION tape and a toy dump truck holder bring the whole theme together. Like we always say…don’t be afraid to construct-a-party.

Box Play for Kids Construction Party Theme

Box Play for Kids Building Set and Tractor stickers

The little birthday boy in action. “Two” cute. Peel. Stick. Construct!

BPFK Construction Kids

From Best Buds to Budding Artists

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend my Saturday evening eating chocolate donut holes, doing fun crafts, and hanging out with my favorite little four-year-old friend. Like me, this sassy chica is a big fan of arts & crafts so I always have a project or two up my sleeve when I come over for a babysitting date. Since Friendship Day is right around the corner {yes…that is a holiday} we ended up making BFF (best friends forever) necklaces and magazine picture frames. Whether or not you’re actually celebrating Friendship Day this Sunday, August 4th, these fun and eco-friendly {pun intended} projects will make for the perfect girls night!

Project #1: BFF Necklaces

Supplies: Scrap cardboard or card stock {a recycled cereal box works great}, aluminum foil, tape, scissors, a hole punch, string or yarn, colored Sharpies, and a ballpoint pen.


Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of your cardboard. Then cut a zigzag line thru the center of the heart. bff.necklace_2

Step 2: Cover the heart halves with tin foil. Secure the foil with some tape on the back. Use a hole punch to make holes at the top of each half.


Step 3: Use a ballpoint pen and colored Sharpies to decorate your necklace pendants. Thread a piece of yarn or string through each pendant to create necklaces. 


So then Miss Chloe and I had a little photo shoot with our new BFF bling…bff.necklace_5

And of course every photo needs a frame which brings me to our next project.

Project #2: Magazine Frames 

Supplies: Scrap cardboard {a recycled box works great}, old magazines, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a paint brush, tape, a pencil, an exacto knife, and Mod Podge.


Step 1: Grab your pencil, ruler, knife, and cardboard. Clearly, this step is not for the kiddos since it involves a sharp exacto knife and some pretty technical measuring. Assuming you’re designing around a 4 x 6 in photo, the inside dimensions of your frame should measure 3.5 x 5.5 in (to create a .25 in lip around the image) and the outside dimensions should be about 5.5 x 7.5 in. I also cut out a 5 x 7.5 in backplate and a trapezoidal stand for my frame.


Step 2: Now comes the fun part. Flip through your favorite old magazines looking for fun images, words, typography, colors, and textures. Use a paintbrush and Mod Podge to apply the magazine scraps to your cardboard frame. If you haven’t discovered Mod Podge, prepared to fall in love with this magical gluey gloss. Although tempting, there’s no need to decorate the backplate or frame stand.bff.frame_3

Step 3: Once your decorated frame is dry, tape your favorite photo to the back of the frame. Secure by taping on the backplate over the photo. Use your knife to score a vertical flap through the cardboard stand and secure to the bottom edge of your frame with more tape. Note: You may need to use your knife to adjust the bottom angle of the stand.


 BEST FRIENDS RULE!! Happy Friendship Day!





The Talking Paper Puppet Project

I’ve been babysitting long enough to know a few important tricks of the trade. One: The key to becoming the “cool” babysitter is to have an awesome project up your sleeve. Two: The key to getting repeat business is to occupy the kids without relying on the TV. So what’s my go-to project? The talking paper puppet card. Not just for babysitters, this paper puppet/DIY greeting card is a great activity for mom or dad to do with the kiddos on a rainy day or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what you’ll need: a clean sheet of scrap paper (I’m using a thin sheet of recycled card stock), scissors, and your favorite coloring utensils.


Step 1: Fold your paper in half, “hamburger style.” Cut a one inch slit perpendicular to the center of the folded edge.


Step 2: Fold down the interior corners created by the cut you just made. These folds should form two right triangles as shown below. Push the triangles back and forth against the folds to crease.


Step 3: Release the folded corners. Slightly open the card and invert the triangles, popping them through to the inside of your folded card.



Step 4: Fold the card stock back down and crease the diagonal folds created by the inverted triangles.


Step 5: Open up your paper and…HELLO…you have a talking paper puppet!


The mouth opens as you shut the card.


Step 6: Transform your blank mouth into a silly creature. Encourage your kids to get creative and use their imagination. I decided to make a talking astronaut paper puppet to go with the Box Play for Kids rocket ship sticker.

Rocket ship stick


Once you’ve nailed the cutting and folding, this talking mouth truly becomes anything you want it to be. Need a cute greeting card anyone? Try a talking turkey for Thanksgiving or a talking heart for Valentines Day.

Back-To-School Crew Craze


As you can probably tell from some recent posts, we’re gearing up for the new school year in STYLE. Check out these crafty old-school crews we made on this Sunday Funday. All you need are two empty toilet paper rolls, a blue Sharpie, and a pair of scissors. Just cut the toilet paper rolls vertically so they can slip on comfortably over your little one’s calves. Then draw horizontal stripes for a pair of classic crew socks. In about 10 minutes your little trendsetter will be rockin’ some new socks that are sure to be all the rage…in pre-k. 


Our Lovely Lucy’s Origami Portrait

Last September we decided to get a rescue puppy. My husband did his research and found out that Labs and Beagles were on The (Top 10) Most Popular Family-Friendly Dogs list. That same morning, he found a Lab/Beagle mix online. It was fate (I guess). Our then 3-year old daughter kept changing her mind on the name and the poor pup went through three name changes – Calexico, Annie and then finally Lucy. We have three dog tags to prove it! It’s been touch and go with Lucy over the last nine months but I think she finally understands that she is NOT THE BOSS of our little human.

To keep boredom at bay this hot, muggy weekend, we worked on a quick origami craft project inspired by a cute photo of Lucy. We found a basic tutorial for an “origamI dog face” here. And then we cut and glued colored construction paper to define Lucy’s adorable features – white spots, floppy ears, floppy pink tongue, sweet eyes and a big smile.

BPFK Origami Lucy