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How to Build the Most Awesome Fort

It’s too hot to let my kids burn some energy off outside and I have a million things to get done today, so I turned to my favorite babysitter. The fort. And my secret for building the most perfect fort? Extra large binder clips and King-sized fitted sheets. The elastic in the fitted sheet gives it some ‘catch’ around corners of chairs and tables. And the binder clips help you pull the sheet more taut. Just pull the sheets to a nearby stool, chair, shelf, table, cushion, etc. and clip.
{Our princess likes to keep her crowns on the TOP of her castle.}
There’s a science to this, people. The better the fort, the longer the kids play in it, and the more I get done. My fort allowed me to to do three loads of laundry, pick up both kids’ rooms, watch an episode of Giuliana & Bill, and write this fine little post. You’re welcome.
Oh, and here’s an article I found about other binder clip uses. It will change your life. My favorite is the iPhone docking station.