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Keep Phoenix Beautiful: Earth Day

BPFK I Heart Earth Stickers
We had a blast spending Earth Day with our good friends at Bashas’. We created a custom sticker design of their super cool 1941 vintage truck to hand out along with yummy snacks from their natural and organic department.

bashas 1941 vintage truck

Bashas 1941 Vintage Truck Stickers

The turn out for the event was HUGE thanks to the great people at Keep Phoenix Beautiful. Here are some pics:

B shirtsBPFK_Bashas_EarthDay_2bare fruitIMG_8775Bashas CrewBPFK Earth Day Stickerskeep phx beautifulbpfk table 2

3 Things To Make Earth Day Every Day

Today is  Earth Day. Over one billion people are participating in Earth Day events across the globe in an effort to solve/save the climate crisis. This year’s focus will be on Green Cities, mobilizing a movement to create a healthy and sustainable environment by taking action in urban populations. There are many ways you can help save our Earth, even from your own home, today and every day. Through the food choices you make for each meal, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and can also benefit your own health.

Box Play for Kids Earth day_1


Simply by adding more and more vegetables and fruits into each and every meal is the first step in making the right choices. Not only are nature’s vibrant colors and flavors exciting to eat, you get a multitude of nutrients with “Eating the Rainbow” every day. Consuming this naturally colorful variety of foods can strengthen your immune system, reduce risk of diseases and illnesses, and build a strong body and mind. Follow this one simple rule, whether for a juice, salad, snack, or a soup: Check to see that all colors are included to make for a wholesome, naturally nutritious meal. For each meal, fill half your plate with veggies first to ensure you are getting enough nutrients each day. Take this even further by incorporating Meatless Mondays into your family’s life (and then maybe a second or third night too!) Vegetable proteins such as legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu and leafy greens are just as easy to prepare and just as flavorful when you set your mind to it.

Box Play for Kids Earth day_2


Not only is eating local food better for the environment by burning less fuel, it’s also better for your health. The less distance a food has to travel, the fresher it is. Eating locally also means eating seasonal foods, thus naturally giving your body a healthy balance with nature. From CSAs to farmer’s markets to pick-your-own farms, by eating local, you are able to support the local economy, can truly know where your food comes from, and most importantly, reap the benefits of the freshest, most flavorful, and nutrient-rich produce. Go to localharvest.org or pickyourown.org to see what local produce is available near you. Or, if you have a few flower pots, or a little bit of land, start by growing a small herb garden, or a few vegetables, so you can reap the benefits of growing some of your own food. Not only do you reduce your environmental impact, you save money, waste less food, and enjoy the accomplishment of nurturing your own nutrients, with no question of chemicals and processing. The kids love it too!

Box Play for Kids Earth day_3


If meat is an integral part of your diet, then make sure to be knowledgeable and purchase meat and animal by-products (dairy, eggs) that are organic, pastured or grass-fed. Aside from all the hormones and antibiotics given to factory-farmed animals because of their cramped “living” conditions, they’re being fed GMO grains. These unnatural interventions ultimately affects the consumer, even if the taste and texture may be the same. Also, did you know that the largest contributing factor to global warming is the raising and production of the meat on our plates? Processing of all foods also damages our earth. Look at how Industry, marketing and convenience have completely changed the way so many of us eat today, so many foods come in colorful packages and have long shelf lives – it’s everywhere! Pesticides, antibiotics, artificial colorings, flavorings, modified/mutated foods, formulated to make foods convenient and addictive. As a result, we’re faced with the rise in chronic diseases, many which are now affecting our children. Avoiding “Big Food” factory products will save the earth as well as save your own health and the health of the ones you love. Unprocessing your food may go against the grain of today’s society, but in order to make a change that is not only good for your own body, but also good for the environment, this change is a lifestyle, not a fad diet.

BUY                                                                               AVOID
• Organic (avoid pesticides/antibiotics)                  • Refined grains (white flour, white rice)
• Local foods (support your farmers market)        • Refined sweeteners (sugar, corn syrup)
• Whole ingredients, whole grains                           • Factory farmed meat and seafood
• Non-GMO (why mess with nature?)                      • Boxes, bags and cans (you know the ones!)
• Plenty of fruits and vegetables                              • Refined oils (canola, safflower…)

It’s all about making smart, clean, healthy choices and being conscious of what you eat. Doing this will make the earth’s body, your body, your children’s bodies feel better, function optimally, and be vibrant.

Christine Wong is the loving mother of two healthy eaters, she is also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach working with parents who want to improve the health and well-being for themselves and their families. Find out about her coaching program by scheduling a free one-hour health consultation at: christine@c-cooking.com.

Moo + Zoo = Earth Day Fun

Earth Day at Phx Zoo

We created a custom mini cow sticker for Dairy Council of Arizona repurposing 1000 half pint Shamrock Farms milk cartons (school size). The craft activity took place at the Phoenix Zoo during their Earth Day event presented by SRP. Although we couldn’t make the event, we were told the kids LOVED them!

3 shamrock farms before

BPFK_3 mini cows_after

Down To Earth Festival in Memphis

We were honored to be a part of the Earth Day festivities at Shelby Farms Park. Our friends at Evergreen Packaging repurposed hundreds of cartons into Box Play for Kids Cows, Piggys, Blue Trains, Fire Trucks and School Buses. We were sad to miss this fun event…if only we could be in three places at one time. Choose cartons!

Down To Earth Festival


BPFK_ChooseCarton_EarthDay_3 BPFK_ChooseCarton_EarthDay_1 BPFK_ChooseCarton_EarthDay_2Recycle. Re-silly. Repeat.


Bashas’ DIY Egg Carton Spring Garden

Spring into action with the kiddos! Creating a garden is a simple family activity that is sure to please all. And, have yummy results!

Supplies needed: Bashas’ egg carton, a dozen eggshells, seeds, small spoon, pushpin, potting soil and water.


Step 1: Empty eggshells. Use knife to gently crack along the tops of each egg. Thoroughly wash out each eggshell and dry. (We made delicious scrambled eggs.)


Step 2: Poke holes on the bottoms of each eggshell for better drainage. (hint: it may be easier doing this step while the egg is still whole – less fragile than empty shells.)


Step 3: Place seeds in separate containers.


Step 4: Using a small spoon, fill eggshell halfway with potting soil.


Step 5: Place seeds in eggshell. Kids love to help!


Step 6: Cover seeds with more potting soil and place in egg carton.


Step 7: Repeat 11 times.


Step 8: Create labels for each variety of seeds. We chose to use bamboo skewers left over from a party.


Step 9: Add water to each eggshell. We used about 3-4 spoonfuls to moisten the soil.


Done! Place egg carton on a windowsill or outside so it gets plenty of sunlight. Be sure to water regularly (Keep moist but do not over water). Depending on variety, seedlings should start to sprout in 7-10 days.


We are thrilled to see our first sprout just after 3 days!

Basil was the first to sprout but the tomatoes are growing the fastest.


Carrots are finally sprouting.




We Turned a Cardboard Box into “The Greatest Show on Earth Day”

Our friends over at threadUP, an online consignment store offering super cute, high-qulaity kids clothing, challenged us, along with some of their other favorite DIY and Green bloggers, to create our best craft using recycling their polka dot threadUP box. Each day this week, they have been featuring one DIY box craft.

Tomorrow Friday, April 26th, you can vote for our super cute your favorite craft. Not only will your vote help us at a chance to win a $200 gift card AND an exclusive threadUP discount to share with our readers, BUT ALSO threadUP will be giving away (2) $25 threadUP gift cards to two random voters!

So here’s what we came up with…a cardboard box turned into a puppet show. We even found a way to recycle our pink refrigerator sticker set to make the curtains!

threadUP box challenge

Want to make this at home? Get our step-by-step instructions and learn more about challenge on threadUP’s blog. And be sure to follow us on Facebook for details on how to vote.

Eco-friendly Art Supplies for Your Little Artist

I love doing crafts with my little one but I’m always on the lookout for art supplies that I know are safe for me, for my child, and for the environment. Believe it or not, there are a myriad of natural, non-toxic, and planet-friendly alternatives to the chemical-laden markers, paints, and glues we often find on the shelves. Here’s a list of our favorite eco-friendly finds for your little budding artist.

1. Clementine Art: Natural Modeling Dough

source: creativebrainsonline.com

source: creativebrainsonline.com

Clementine Art carries an array of natural and green art supplies for kids – from washable paint colored with Mayan mineral earth pigments to soy crayon rocks, but we love the scented modeling dough. Colored with turmeric, carmine and spinach, the dough comes in fresh flavors like strawberry, lemon, and lime. And moms can rest assured that their little ones are playing safe; Clementine products are certified non-toxic, free of synthetic preservatives, animal byproducts or petroleum bases (just in case your little one decides to sneak a nibble).

2. Eco-finger paint

source: http://shop.ecokidsusa.com/

source: http://shop.ecokidsusa.com/

What kid doesn’t like to get her hands dirty? And what mom doesn’t like the sound of all natural ingredients? We’re liking this powder based finger paint from eco-kids, another great line of eco-friendly art supplies for kids. Ingredients include flour, annatto seed, carrots, spinach, earth clay, red grapeseed, purple sweet potato, gardenia, red cabbage and cornstarch – almost sounds more like a salad than paint! Eco-kids also carries other essential art supplies like eco-glue, eco-crayons, and eco-dough. Not only are we big fans of this brand, but we became friends with the owners of this super nice, family owned business at the NY International Gift Fair!

3. Coccoina Glue

source: www.seejanework.com

source: www.seejanework.com

Whether you’re doing paper crafts, school projects, or scrapbooking, glue sticks are a staple for all sorts of kid’s crafts. We’re digging this Italian-made variety called Coccoina. Made from potato starch, these glue sticks are gluten free, non-toxic, non-solvent, and acid free. Not to mention, they smell like yummy almond marzipan.

4. Fortune Cookie Crayons

source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ivylanedesigns

source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ivylanedesigns

And now for the cutest, planet-friendly crayons EVER – check out these adorable fortune cookie crayons from Ivy Lane Design. This Etsy shop owner and mother of two really knows how to upcycle. Her crayons are hand poured and made from broken bits and pieces left over at the end of each school year. She travels around to elementary schools and collects bags and boxes full of old crayons that would otherwise go in the trash. Check out her Etsy shop for other fun crayon shapes.

5. Paper plates and toilet paper rolls

source: http://www.parents.com

source: http://www.parents.com

Some of the best craft supplies are the ones that we already have laying around the house. If you have paper plates, toilet paper rolls, (and just a little bit of imagination) you will never run out of things to make with your kids. Turn a paper plate into a bird nest or a tambourine. Make racecars or binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. The possibilities are endless. Looking for an easy way to turn nothing into something? That’s what we’re all about at Box Play for Kids. Check out our website for custom-designed children’s stickers that (combined with a little imagination) turn toilet paper rolls into rocket ships, egg cartons into pianos, cardboard boxes into cameras, and much more!!

Earth Day Love from Today’s Parent Magazine

We are thrilled to be featured in Today’s Parent magazine – Canada’s national parenting magazine. In honor of Earth Day, they highlighted our Buildings, Fire Truck and Pink House eco-friendly kids stickers to create a “green” cityscape. WHAT WE LOVE…Today’s Parent.

Todays Parent April 2013

Grow some fun. (No dirt required.)

BPFK Earth Garden 2

Earth Day is right around the corner and what better way to honor the planet than by recycling paper into a colorful vegetable garden? All kids love crafts (even if they aren’t too big on veggies). Try this out with your little one, and who knows, you may soon have a budding vegetable lover on your hands.

BPFK Earth Day Garden Supplies

Supplies: egg carton, colorful construction paper, scissors and glue

Step 1: Decide which kind of vegetables will grow in your garden. Make sure it’s nice and colorful and full of veggies mama loves to eat!

Step 2: Cut shapes that resemble your chosen vegetables

Step 3: Assemble and visually place the vegetables. Once you like the arrangement, glue down all the pieces.


Enjoy! (But resist the urge to eat.)

Paper garden created by local paper artist (and friend) Catie Raya.