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Grow some fun. (No dirt required.)

BPFK Earth Garden 2

Earth Day is right around the corner and what better way to honor the planet than by recycling paper into a colorful vegetable garden? All kids love crafts (even if they aren’t too big on veggies). Try this out with your little one, and who knows, you may soon have a budding vegetable lover on your hands.

BPFK Earth Day Garden Supplies

Supplies: egg carton, colorful construction paper, scissors and glue

Step 1: Decide which kind of vegetables will grow in your garden. Make sure it’s nice and colorful and full of veggies mama loves to eat!

Step 2: Cut shapes that resemble your chosen vegetables

Step 3: Assemble and visually place the vegetables. Once you like the arrangement, glue down all the pieces.


Enjoy! (But resist the urge to eat.)

Paper garden created by local paper artist (and friend) Catie Raya.


Earth Day Project: DIY Bird Feeder

Happy Earth Day! Here’s a quick and simple project you can do with your kiddos while also teaching them about the importance of our environment.

First, we went to the park by our house and collected pinecones.
{Someone please get this poor child a haircut!}
We smothered them with peanut butter. And by “them”, I mean the pinecones AND the children.
We rolled the pinecones in bird seed.
We strung them up with tacky pink gift ribbon and hung them from our tree.
Make sure you put them in place where a bird can perch on a branch to munch them. Otherwise it’s like hanging a glass of wine just out of reach. Extremely frustrating.
The kids are fascinated by them and keep looking outside to see if they can catch a bird enjoying a snack.