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Favorite Books for October

Our kiddo is learning to read and it’s pretty exciting. I still have to read these books to her but she is definitely picking up words fast!

Box Play for Kids October Books_4

Bunny Eats Lunch
I specifically purchased this book because we are having “eating lunch issues”. Our 4-year old would rather spend the 20-30 minutes for lunch talking rather than eating. The adorable bunny eats a yummy array of veggies – carrots, celery sticks and potatoes. The large animated typography is fun to read.

A couple of weeks ago our Chloe went to her BFF’s 5th birthday party. She went to the store with her dad to buy Maggie a gift and instantly recognized her name and insisted on buying it. One for Maggie. One for Chloe. It’s a sweet story of Chloe and her ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters. It’s all about the importance of quality family fun time.

I Want My Hat Back
A bear has lost his hat. What if he never sees it again? This book has beautiful illustrations I DROOL over. I recommend reading each of the animal voices differently out loud and as silly as possible. The kids will love it.

Llama Llama Time To Share
Great rhyming book with obviously a good lesson.

Happy reading!