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Bashas’ DIY Egg Carton Spring Garden

Spring into action with the kiddos! Creating a garden is a simple family activity that is sure to please all. And, have yummy results!

Supplies needed: Bashas’ egg carton, a dozen eggshells, seeds, small spoon, pushpin, potting soil and water.


Step 1: Empty eggshells. Use knife to gently crack along the tops of each egg. Thoroughly wash out each eggshell and dry. (We made delicious scrambled eggs.)


Step 2: Poke holes on the bottoms of each eggshell for better drainage. (hint: it may be easier doing this step while the egg is still whole – less fragile than empty shells.)


Step 3: Place seeds in separate containers.


Step 4: Using a small spoon, fill eggshell halfway with potting soil.


Step 5: Place seeds in eggshell. Kids love to help!


Step 6: Cover seeds with more potting soil and place in egg carton.


Step 7: Repeat 11 times.


Step 8: Create labels for each variety of seeds. We chose to use bamboo skewers left over from a party.


Step 9: Add water to each eggshell. We used about 3-4 spoonfuls to moisten the soil.


Done! Place egg carton on a windowsill or outside so it gets plenty of sunlight. Be sure to water regularly (Keep moist but do not over water). Depending on variety, seedlings should start to sprout in 7-10 days.


We are thrilled to see our first sprout just after 3 days!

Basil was the first to sprout but the tomatoes are growing the fastest.


Carrots are finally sprouting.




The Sweetest ABCs

As a graphic designer, I really appreciate beautiful typography. Below are some examples of my most favorite kid-friendly alphabets.

I love these colorful ABC DIY crayons.
Crayon ABCs

Source: Pinterest

These blocks from KLOTZE by Stuart Greer are just gorgeous. We’d be thrilled to have a set.

KLOTZE by Stuart GreerSource: behance.net

This whimsical illustration poster by Sarah Andreacchio makes me so happy when I look at it. Imagine the delight of a young child. This would definitely make learning more fun!Sarah Andreacchio

Source: happy-mitou.blogspot.com

An ABC print cotton twill trim with white butcher paper would make a very sweet gift presentation.

Cotton Twill Trim Tape Cream by Little Red CottageSource: Etsy by Little Red Cottage

Alphabet stones…another super fun DIY kid project by Green Kid Crafts.

Green Kids CraftSource: Pinterest

I have a soft spot in my heart for needlepoint. It reminds me of my mom in the late 70s. It was her chosen art form. I love how simplistic the letterforms and animals are done. Hallow Sampler by Primitive Needle.

Hallow Sampler by Primitive NeedleSource: flickr.com

To view the rest of our ABC finds, visit our Pinterest page.

Got milk carton? Make bunny.

Here’s a craft project every bunny will love. Hop to it!

Supplies needed: Empty milk carton, cardboard, white and pink construction paper, scissors and a marker.

Easter 2013 Supplies

Step 1: Cover milk carton with white construction paper or you can use paint. Create bunny ears.

Bunny_Milk_Step 2

Step 2: Cut out pink circle to make bunny nose.

Bunny Milk Step 3

Step 3: Attach bunny ears to top of milk carton. And, you can glue a cotton ball to make the bunny’s tail.

bunny milk step 4

Step 3: Draw bunny smiley face. Cut out whiskers and attach with glue.

bunny milk final

Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Some of our favorite DIY Father’s Day gift ideas come from CoolMomPicks.com.

One is just a basic paper cube. All you do is let your munchkins loose with a marker and you get this awesome little desktop shrine. Brilliant.

The other is a keychain that you can make by sending in your child’s artwork to this online retailer on Etsy. They turn it into a keepsake that you’ll use daily.

Love it. My only regret is that I didn’t see these awesome ideas earlier.

Because THIS is what my husband will be getting this year for Father’s Day.

I’ll go ahead and put in that keychain order now…

Recycling Crayons

You know all those crayons you’ve collected over the past several years that are in useless pieces in a bucket somewhere? This is a fun way to bring new life to them. And the kids can help!

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees.Step 2: Take all the paper off the crayons and break them into tiny pieces. Two things you’ve been telling your kids to NOT do for years and years.


Step 3: Put the pieces into a silicone mold. Look at these cute Spring molds we found!

Step 4: Place the mold on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil {just in case…} and “bake” them for about 15 minutes.