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Time For Creative Learning

The kindergarteners are learning to tell time. We had fun crafting our rainbow watches with repurposed toilet paper rolls. We had both full-color watches and black and white watches for the kids to color. We asked each of the 26 kiddos what their favorite time of  day was. The two most popular answers were:

1. 10:45: Lunch time
2. After 3pm: Time to go home to see their moms and dads.

Most creative answer:

1:00am: When I’m dreaming.

Box Play for Kids Rainbow Watch Kindergarten


Back-To-School Crew Craze


As you can probably tell from some recent posts, we’re gearing up for the new school year in STYLE. Check out these crafty old-school crews we made on this Sunday Funday. All you need are two empty toilet paper rolls, a blue Sharpie, and a pair of scissors. Just cut the toilet paper rolls vertically so they can slip on comfortably over your little one’s calves. Then draw horizontal stripes for a pair of classic crew socks. In about 10 minutes your little trendsetter will be rockin’ some new socks that are sure to be all the rage…in pre-k. 


Back-To-School Bash

It’s back-to-school season and we’re kicking off this academic year with a little celebration. We picked up some fresh school supplies, some new books, and some healthy red apples to gear up for class. But what’s a party without favors and what’s a back-to-school bash without some educational fun? Just have the kiddos bring a clean empty milk carton from home, stick-on our appropriately-themed, BPFK school bus stickers, and let the good times roll. You can even squeeze in a quick lesson about the importance of recycling.

All of our stickers are printed on 100% recycled, uncoated paper so don’t be afraid to let your little pupils customize their new toys with markers or crayons. Another idea: Help your kiddo write his name neatly and this yellow bus becomes the perfect desk name tag.

D is for Dylan