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Bashas’ DIY Egg Carton Spring Garden

Spring into action with the kiddos! Creating a garden is a simple family activity that is sure to please all. And, have yummy results!

Supplies needed: Bashas’ egg carton, a dozen eggshells, seeds, small spoon, pushpin, potting soil and water.


Step 1: Empty eggshells. Use knife to gently crack along the tops of each egg. Thoroughly wash out each eggshell and dry. (We made delicious scrambled eggs.)


Step 2: Poke holes on the bottoms of each eggshell for better drainage. (hint: it may be easier doing this step while the egg is still whole – less fragile than empty shells.)


Step 3: Place seeds in separate containers.


Step 4: Using a small spoon, fill eggshell halfway with potting soil.


Step 5: Place seeds in eggshell. Kids love to help!


Step 6: Cover seeds with more potting soil and place in egg carton.


Step 7: Repeat 11 times.


Step 8: Create labels for each variety of seeds. We chose to use bamboo skewers left over from a party.


Step 9: Add water to each eggshell. We used about 3-4 spoonfuls to moisten the soil.


Done! Place egg carton on a windowsill or outside so it gets plenty of sunlight. Be sure to water regularly (Keep moist but do not over water). Depending on variety, seedlings should start to sprout in 7-10 days.


We are thrilled to see our first sprout just after 3 days!

Basil was the first to sprout but the tomatoes are growing the fastest.


Carrots are finally sprouting.




Favorite Books for October

Our kiddo is learning to read and it’s pretty exciting. I still have to read these books to her but she is definitely picking up words fast!

Box Play for Kids October Books_4

Bunny Eats Lunch
I specifically purchased this book because we are having “eating lunch issues”. Our 4-year old would rather spend the 20-30 minutes for lunch talking rather than eating. The adorable bunny eats a yummy array of veggies – carrots, celery sticks and potatoes. The large animated typography is fun to read.

A couple of weeks ago our Chloe went to her BFF’s 5th birthday party. She went to the store with her dad to buy Maggie a gift and instantly recognized her name and insisted on buying it. One for Maggie. One for Chloe. It’s a sweet story of Chloe and her ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters. It’s all about the importance of quality family fun time.

I Want My Hat Back
A bear has lost his hat. What if he never sees it again? This book has beautiful illustrations I DROOL over. I recommend reading each of the animal voices differently out loud and as silly as possible. The kids will love it.

Llama Llama Time To Share
Great rhyming book with obviously a good lesson.

Happy reading!