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It’s a Burger. It’s a Cookie. It’s a Burger Cookie!

Memorial Day is right around the corner which means it’s time for summer pool parties and backyard grilling. We’ve whipped up the perfect summer treat for your holiday weekend festivities. It’s a burger. It’s a cookie. It’s a burger cookie. Be prepared – these adorable, no bake, no grill, baby burger cookies are sure to be the talk of your next party! Not to mention – this is a great recipe to make with the kiddos.

Ingredients: white icing (store bought or your favorite recipe), vanilla wafers, peppermint patties, shredded coconut, food coloring (red, yellow, and green), and some plastic baggies.



Step 1: Start by making some lettuce for the burgers. Pour your coconut into a plastic bag with a few drops of green food coloring. Zip the bag closed and hand over to the kids to shake-shake-shake. You’re done when the coconut starts to look like iceberg or romaine. hamburger_cookies_2



Step 2: What’s a burger without ketchup and mustard? Divide the icing into two smaller plastic bags. Add several drops of red food coloring to one bag and yellow to the other. Zip the bags closed and hand over to the kids for some serious smushing action. You’re done when icing starts to look like some classic condiments. Press your ketchup and mustard icing to one corner of the bag. hamburger_cookies_3




Step 3: Ready to build the burger? Cut the tips of your condiment bags and start piping onto your vanilla wafer buns. hamburger_cookies_5 hamburger_cookies_6



Step 4: Sprinkle on some lettuce.




Step 5: Place the patties.




Step 6: Stack on the buns.




Step 7: Enjoy!hamburger_cookies_10




Memorial Day Project: American Flag

My kids love painting, I love anything that has their hand or foot prints on it {other than my floors and windows} and it’s Memorial Day weekend. Add these together and here’s one USA-themed project that’s simple to do with your kids.

I painted their hands and feet and they did the rest. One bruised tailbone later {painted feet on a concrete patio is a slipping hazard, by the way} and we have our flag.
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!