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Back-to-School with California Baby

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Stick on. Blast off!

California Baby, one of our favorite personal care brands for kids, is partnering with us again for another promotion. This time it’s for Back-To-School featuring fun, simple recycling crafts for kids. Our eco-friendly, DIY craft stickers (Rocket Ship, Giraffe and Whale) will repurpose their amazing Bubble Bath and Powder packaging into fun new toys. Check out the Fun Reuse section of their site for more ways to recycle their containers.



The Talking Paper Puppet Project

I’ve been babysitting long enough to know a few important tricks of the trade. One: The key to becoming the “cool” babysitter is to have an awesome project up your sleeve. Two: The key to getting repeat business is to occupy the kids without relying on the TV. So what’s my go-to project? The talking paper puppet card. Not just for babysitters, this paper puppet/DIY greeting card is a great activity for mom or dad to do with the kiddos on a rainy day or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what you’ll need: a clean sheet of scrap paper (I’m using a thin sheet of recycled card stock), scissors, and your favorite coloring utensils.


Step 1: Fold your paper in half, “hamburger style.” Cut a one inch slit perpendicular to the center of the folded edge.


Step 2: Fold down the interior corners created by the cut you just made. These folds should form two right triangles as shown below. Push the triangles back and forth against the folds to crease.


Step 3: Release the folded corners. Slightly open the card and invert the triangles, popping them through to the inside of your folded card.



Step 4: Fold the card stock back down and crease the diagonal folds created by the inverted triangles.


Step 5: Open up your paper and…HELLO…you have a talking paper puppet!


The mouth opens as you shut the card.


Step 6: Transform your blank mouth into a silly creature. Encourage your kids to get creative and use their imagination. I decided to make a talking astronaut paper puppet to go with the Box Play for Kids rocket ship sticker.

Rocket ship stick


Once you’ve nailed the cutting and folding, this talking mouth truly becomes anything you want it to be. Need a cute greeting card anyone? Try a talking turkey for Thanksgiving or a talking heart for Valentines Day.