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Imaginate Exhibition at Arizona Science Center

If you’re looking for some creative activities for your kiddos over the holidays, I highly recommend going to Arizona Science Center and checking out Imaginate. It will delight and spark their imagination!

Imaginate: Dream. Create. Build.
The exhibition is divided into five main themes, each representing a possible route along the pathway to innovation.

Dream Big

Innovation often occurs when a big dream or passion grips you and must be pursued.  Explore Paper Airplanes, Tumbling Dice and So You Think you Can Fly.


Expect the Unexpected 

Science is a process of questioning. Explore Ferrofluid Experiences, Interactive Projections and Materials Playground.


Collaborate or Compete 

Colleagues or competitors can spur us to achieve more than we could on our own. Explore Sound Panels, Telltale Heart and Making Faces

Photo: NBMA Photography

Photo: NBMA Photography

Try, Try and Try Again

Innovation is neither quick nor easy. In this series of experiences, patience and observation are key in investigating materials and their properties. Explore Gear Tree/Kinetic Sculptures, Create Something New and Stop-Motion Animation.

Photo: NBMA Photography

Photo: NBMA Photography

Look to the World

Whether we dwell in the frigid Arctic or the dense rain forest, we rely on innovative processes and the making of innovative products to survive in our various environments. Explore Innovation Around the World and Question of the Day.

Photo: NBMA Photography

Photo: NBMA Photography

Enjoy this incredibly engaging exhibit with the whole family before it ends on January 5, 2014.