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“Moo-lah” Milk Carton Piggy Bank

Who doesn’t want to kick off the new year with a resolution to be more fiscally responsible?? And what better time than right now to teach your kiddos about saving money. With this upcycled, DIY milk carton piggy bank, you (and the kids) can save your “moo-lah” in style.

Supplies: clean empty milk carton, utility/x-actio knife, and our BPFK piggy sticker pack.


Step 1: Apply piggy sticker panels to the milk carton per the directions on the package. piggy_2

Step 2: Using a utility knife, cut a small money slot in the carton as shown.


Step 3: Start saving! This is the perfect way to save holiday gift money, allowance money, and tooth fairy money.BPFK Piggy Bank Save 2014_FB

DIY New Year’s Party Poppers

Are you hoarding tissue paper from your holiday gifts? Let’s put it to use with a New Year’s craft your family will love. Get your Dustbuster ready because we’re poppin’ off the New Year with some fun, DIY, confetti poppers. Trust us…the kids will have a blast with these upcycled, toilet paper roll creations when the clock strikes midnight. {And if you’re brave enough to clean up confetti again…these poppers work great for birthday parties too}

Supplies: scrap tissue paper, an old magazine, two toilet paper rolls (per popper), scissors, a glue stick, a glue gun, and a plastic bottle cap (approximately the same diameter as your toilet paper roll…Gatorade or Snapple caps work well).


Step 1: Cut a slit down the middle of one of the toilet paper rolls. 
Step 2: Using a glue gun, adhere one end of the toilet paper roll to the inside of the bottle cap, as shown below. Overlap the seam and seal the edge with a glue gun. Note: Make sure your bottle cap/toilet paper roll tube fits snuggly inside the 2nd toilet paper roll. If not, you may need to find a different sized bottle cap. 

Step 3: Cover the toilet paper roll/bottle cap with tissue paper. A glue stick works well for adhering. Excess tissue paper at the open end of the the tube can be tucked and glued inside.


Step 4: Cover the uncut toilet paper roll with tissue paper and adhere with a glue stick. Tuck the excess inside on both ends and glue to the inside edges. IMG_4882

Step 5: Cut out a tissue paper circle to fit over one end of the uncut toilet paper roll and secure with a glue stick. 


Step 6: The kiddos will love this step. Give them an old magazine and a pair of scissors and let them cut up pages into little confetti squares. This could get messy…but it’s totally worth it! 
Step 7: Drop confetti into the uncut toilet paper roll (the one with the tissue paper cap) and insert the bottle cap-toilet paper roll inside. 



From Best Buds to Budding Artists

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend my Saturday evening eating chocolate donut holes, doing fun crafts, and hanging out with my favorite little four-year-old friend. Like me, this sassy chica is a big fan of arts & crafts so I always have a project or two up my sleeve when I come over for a babysitting date. Since Friendship Day is right around the corner {yes…that is a holiday} we ended up making BFF (best friends forever) necklaces and magazine picture frames. Whether or not you’re actually celebrating Friendship Day this Sunday, August 4th, these fun and eco-friendly {pun intended} projects will make for the perfect girls night!

Project #1: BFF Necklaces

Supplies: Scrap cardboard or card stock {a recycled cereal box works great}, aluminum foil, tape, scissors, a hole punch, string or yarn, colored Sharpies, and a ballpoint pen.


Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of your cardboard. Then cut a zigzag line thru the center of the heart. bff.necklace_2

Step 2: Cover the heart halves with tin foil. Secure the foil with some tape on the back. Use a hole punch to make holes at the top of each half.


Step 3: Use a ballpoint pen and colored Sharpies to decorate your necklace pendants. Thread a piece of yarn or string through each pendant to create necklaces. 


So then Miss Chloe and I had a little photo shoot with our new BFF bling…bff.necklace_5

And of course every photo needs a frame which brings me to our next project.

Project #2: Magazine Frames 

Supplies: Scrap cardboard {a recycled box works great}, old magazines, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a paint brush, tape, a pencil, an exacto knife, and Mod Podge.


Step 1: Grab your pencil, ruler, knife, and cardboard. Clearly, this step is not for the kiddos since it involves a sharp exacto knife and some pretty technical measuring. Assuming you’re designing around a 4 x 6 in photo, the inside dimensions of your frame should measure 3.5 x 5.5 in (to create a .25 in lip around the image) and the outside dimensions should be about 5.5 x 7.5 in. I also cut out a 5 x 7.5 in backplate and a trapezoidal stand for my frame.


Step 2: Now comes the fun part. Flip through your favorite old magazines looking for fun images, words, typography, colors, and textures. Use a paintbrush and Mod Podge to apply the magazine scraps to your cardboard frame. If you haven’t discovered Mod Podge, prepared to fall in love with this magical gluey gloss. Although tempting, there’s no need to decorate the backplate or frame stand.bff.frame_3

Step 3: Once your decorated frame is dry, tape your favorite photo to the back of the frame. Secure by taping on the backplate over the photo. Use your knife to score a vertical flap through the cardboard stand and secure to the bottom edge of your frame with more tape. Note: You may need to use your knife to adjust the bottom angle of the stand.


 BEST FRIENDS RULE!! Happy Friendship Day!





Box Play for Kids is “InStyle”

Box Play for Kids is “Instant Fun from Stuff You’d Toss” according to InStyle Magazine. Honored to be a part of this trendy magazine’s Best of the Web List 2012. Thanks for giving us a little more style!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.41.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.40.51 PM


Box Play Featured on “Cool Mom Picks”

We’re excited to share that the picky moms on the Cool Mom Picks blog love our Box Play for Kids eco-friendly stickers. These cool moms are all about promoting responsible consumerism and helping parents find the best kid stuff around. Check out their feature here.


The Story Behind Our Brand featured in “The New York Times Style Magazine”

“As all parents of toddlers know, there are two things the kids can’t get enough of: stickers and empty boxes.” Big shout out to T Magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine, for sharing the story behind our brand and for showcasing some of our favorite stickers!Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.00.37 PM


Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 2.59.50 PM