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Just In Time: New Sticker Designs for Spring 2014

We asked our customers and teachers what they’d like to see from us next and the consensus was “Can you add more interactive components to your new sticker styles?”… and so we listened! We really appreciate all of your feedback because it definitely helps us evolve and grow.

Drum roll…

Rainbow Watches
These stickers will be packaged together (color and b+w version) and will allow the little ones to repurpose a toilet paper roll (cut in half) into fun learning tools. The kids will learn the old-school way to tell time and the colors of the rainbow – ROYGBIV! We intentionally left the minute and hour hands off so the kids can choose their favorite time of day and draw them in.

BPFK Rainbow WatchBPFK Rainbow Watch

This new sticker style will include three stickers – the airplane body and wing graphics – as well as a craft stick to create the wings. The large sticker will include dotted lines to help guide you make the cuts needed for the craft stick. (Only adults should handle exacto knife but you already know that.)

BPFK Airplane

New Teacher Packs repurpose 1/2 pint school milk cartons
After testing these stickers in the classroom and at events, we decided to package them as sets of 25 since the maximum classroom size for pre-k and kindergarten is 22. The additional sets are for the teacher and/or teacher assistant and in case of any mistakes.

Optional: Once the four stickers have been applied. The kids can cut, curl and glue a tongue to the opening of the milk carton.


Bumble Bee
Optional: The kids can create antennas using black pipe cleaners and yellow mini pom poms or tooth picks and a ball of tin foil. Let their imagination buzz, buzz, buzz!




Our Favorite Travel Toys

If you have little ones, you know that summer road trips and airplane rides have the potential to be miserable – not just for the kiddos, but also for mom, dad, and the lucky passenger across the aisle trying to catch some ZZZs. The solution: keep the kids busy with creative, quiet, portable, and mess-free toys that won’t bulk up your carryon. Here are a few of our favorite travel toys.

Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Game
We’re loving this hand-embroidered felt tic-tac-toe set we came across on Etsy. Not only is this set adorable and eco-friendly, but the game board doubles as a portable pouch for storing the x’s and o’s.

source: etsy.com

source: etsy.com

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks
These magnetic blocks are certain to incite some serious creativity. Not to mention, they’re designed in the USA, made of eco-friendly wood, and compact enough for mom to have on standby in her purse for an unexpected meltdown.

source: tegu.com

source: tegu.com

Travel Etch A Sketch
Although the Etch A Sketch has been around since the 60s, this toy isn’t going out of style any time soon. It sure beats chasing crayons and pencils down airplane aisles and under car seats.

source: amazon.com

source: amazon.com

Animal House handbag 
This little animal house handbag is perfect for your little girl who wants to be just like mommy. Carry it anywhere for instant playtime.

source: fabricpatch.com

source: fabricpatch.com

Wikki Stix
If you haven’t discovered Wikki Stix yet, prepare to be amazed by the possibilities of waxed yarn. Make a house, make a necklace, play a game or even teach your child some math; Wikki sticks are pretty much the most versatile craft tool and travel toy around.

source: wikkistix.com

source: wikkistix.com

Box Play for Kids camera
Let your pipsqueak paparazzi join in the fun of taking vacation photos with our very own Box Play for Kids camera sticker. With just a mac n cheese box, you can turn a lightweight sticker into a portable travel toy. And no need to stress if this camera suffers some water damage on the beach – it’s disposable :-)

BPFK Camera

Greek Island Hopping with Ollie the Octopus

As a newbie to the Box Play for Kids team, I wanted to come out and introduce myself. I’m Tracy and I dabble in a little bit of marketing, sales, and even creative for this awesome brand. Although I don’t have kids, I’m a seasoned babysitter with a background in graphic design so I can definitely appreciate innovative and creative ways ways to keep little ones occupied. I just got back from a trip to Greece and I couldn’t resist the urge to bring Box Play for Kids along for the ride and share my experience.

It’s hard to believe that exactly two weeks ago, Ollie the Octopus and I were chilling out on one of the most amazing beaches (let alone one of the most amazing places) I’ve ever been – Livadaki Beach on the Greek island of Folegandros {pictured below}. As a present to myself for getting into grad school, I treated myself to a 10-day summer adventure with a friend in the Greek Islands. Despite wanting to see the hundreds of little Greek islands that exist, my friend and I did our best to narrow down our selection to three: Mykonos for its infamous nightlife, Santorini for its picturesque blue domed roofs, and Folegandros because no one has ever heard of it. While we enjoyed the natural beauty and idiosyncrasies of each island we visited, Folegandros was, hands down, our absolute favorite! Picture this: the island has one paved road, one taxi, one bus, and about 700 locals. Let’s just say the bus schedule is handwritten in chalk. 

The scenery was incredible on every island so I’m so glad I had this little octopus friend with me for some impromptu photo shoots. As with all the Box Play for Kids stickers, Ollie the Octopus is lightweight, portable, and makes the perfect travel companion.


White cubic architecture with blue accents is everywhere in Mykonos. This is the view from our hotel.



This isolated paradise, better known as Livadaki beach, is only accessible by boat.



Santorini is known for its various colored sand beaches – red, white, and black. The black sand on this beach really compliments Ollie’s skin tone if you ask me.